Artist Statement

My art process is characterized by a strong focus on experimentation and intuition. I work with a variety of paints and papers, embracing the unknown as I explore different techniques and materials. I often start with no predetermined outcome, allowing the painting to develop in unexpected ways.

When painting in mixed media, my collage materials primarily consist of my own hand-painted papers, as well as antique music manuscript, hand-written notes and letters. I find that the incorporation of handwriting on these materials adds a sense of meaningful history and personal touch, even when buried in the under-layers of the work. Some hold profound personal meaning that may remain unobvious to the viewer (buried in the paint), yet including them provides a therapeutic connection for me.

I am constantly experimenting with new techniques, blending colors, layering papers, and manipulating surfaces to achieve the desired result. This experimentation allows me to create art that is unique, dynamic and pushes my own boundaries. Through this process, I aim to create art that is truly one-of-a-kind, capturing the essence of the materials and techniques used, and resulting in a truly original piece of work.