Why do I paint?

I create art to experience the joy of creating something that never existed before, to experience the joy of losing myself in the process of making marks, stepping back and sometimes even astonishing myself. To say something with my art that has never been said before, share the joy of creating in the company of artist friends, leave a voice that could potentially outlive my lifetime—these are a few of many reasons I am an artist.


Watercolor Art Society-Houston

Held offices including President and Development Director when WAS-H built our gallery and teaching space in Houston’s Museum district. I remain active there, currently as teacher both virtual and in-person as well as Virtual Education Director.

2011- 2022

Instructor, Gallery Owner

Mayville Watercolors Gallery

Mayville, NY was our summer home, teaching space and finally a gallery space. The summer climate in this beautiful western NY town was ideal for painting both outdoors and several gathering spaces including the old train depot. The Depot, located on Chautauqua Lake, made for a perfect gathering space for artists.


Susan now leads sketching trips both internationally and domestic with the travel agency “Out of This World Travel.” Some favorite destinations have been the Netherlands, Croatia, Finland, Denmark, many France locations, Italy, Egypt, England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Czechia, Austria, Israel, Canada (British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick).