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Thursdays June 22 and 29, 2023
1 to 3 pm Central, 2 to 4 Eastern
$50 for 2 sessions

Watercolor Magic of Kevin Chapman

Let’s Explore the Watercolor Magic of Kevin Chapman

Recently I invited artist friends to view a YouTube video with me. Together we watched artist Kevin Chapman create a beautiful watercolor flower arrangement using a wide variety of techniques. I thought it would be fun to offer a class where we practice, step by step, many of his wonderful methods.

On Thursdays June 22 and 29 you are invited to join me in exploring Kevin’s painting techniques, step-by-step.  I feel this would be a good way to begin some new watercolor habits that might serve us well into the future—his loosely rendered marks with glorious colors and strong values all add up to some enviable results! 

This class will be recorded and attendees will be provided a YouTube link to be used indefinitely.  Join us!


Past Classes

In the Spring Garden: Watercolor Flowers!
4 Friday afternoons March 10-31, 1 to 3 Central

This course will be a good launching point for any level of painter, whether your goal is to work from photos or eventually paint on-site (Plein Air).  The practice of simplifying shapes and working  in clean, beautiful jewel tones is a joyful way to embrace spring! We will practice rapid drawing, both with brush and pencil. With some experimentation, our goal is to paint loose, gestural florals with passages that read uniquely “watercolor.”

The Majesty of Trees: creating a unique landscape in watercolor
Thursday afternoons

January 12, 19, 26, February 2 (4 sessions)
1 to 3 pm Central
*Note: Each class will be recorded.  You will be provided a private link to view it on YouTube where it will remain indefinitely.

We will be exploring a variety of unusual ways to depict loose, colorful and impressionistic tree, bush and plant forms in watercolor


Variety of brushes including small cheap hardware brush (chip brush)
Permanent ink, i.e. Speedball permanent ink in black and sepia (optional)
Small straw for stirring coffee/tea
Masking tape or blue tape, etc.

Note: Some supplies will make sense once you see them in demo. Don’t worry about having them during class. Gather them as you like once you’ve seen demonstration. If you wish to paint along, pick the same day as class: moss, tree moss and/or mistletoe, clumps of grasses or small flowers  such as marigold or dianthus. They need not be attractive or even alive but must be intact, not crumbly.

Watercolor Sketching: Sketching the Unposed Figure

Tuesday afternoons
November 1, 8, 15 (3 sessions)
1 to 3 pm Central

This course will be a good launching point for any level of painter.  For beginners, the concept of simplifying shapes begin with painting carrot people with travel photos as reference.  For those will more skill, we will look closely at methods to depict simplified, dynamically sketched people. We will practice rapid drawing, both with brush and pencil. Our goal is to render a loose, gestural figure.

This is a fun way to develop confidence with your brush, and the camaraderie among painters while in the comfort of your own painting space is an added bonus! 

Virtual. Guest Instructor!

Procreate for Absolute Beginners: Interactive Webinar

Ksenia Annis, instructor
Thursday & Friday November 10 & 11
2 to 4 pm Central

Virtual. The Zoom link will be emailed to you when you register.  don’t forget to save it!

Why take a digital class?

  • Doodling on an iPad improves your artistic skills
  • Use all your reference (travel) photos to experiment with various design/color/texture options
  • Saves paper when developing initial sketches
  • Try out a variety of palettes/colors
  • Easy to share files
  • Portable for on-site (plein air) sketching

In this interactive live class, you will learn how to use the most popular digital painting app called Procreate. Ksenia will explain how to use the workspace, the drawing tools, and colors; how to add reference images and how to create color palettes.

This two day, 4 hour class (2 hours each day) will consist of instruction followed by practice sessions to make sure you understood the material. Optional homework will be included.

Materials for this class: iPad Air or later model. Procreate app (just $9.99. If you don’t see it in your App Store, your iPad is too old to use it). Apple Pencil is recommended, but you can start with a regular stylus or even use your finger.

 – Reference photo we’ll be using (or bring your own)

This digital sketching process will save you lots of time and paper! See you in class!

BONUS: Lifetime Access to Procreate to Paper Class is included in the price! You can always return to brush up on your skills! 

(Almost) Plein Air Watercolor Sketching: Simplifying the Landscape

Tuesday afternoons
October 11, 18 & 25 (3 sessions)
1 to 3 pm Central

This course will be a good launching point for any level of painter, whether your goal is to work from photos or eventually paint on-site (Plein Air).  For all painters, the concept of simplifying shapes on the page is helpful. We will practice rapid drawing, both with brush and pencil. With some experimentation, our goal is to render a loose, gestural landscape with passages that read “watercolor.”

Supply List & Register

In Person! (CANCELLED)
Holiday Card Making 
Sunday, October 9, 2022
9:30 to 3:30

Watercolor Art society-houston
1601 W. Alabama, Houston tx 77006

Send original, 3 dimensional hand-made holiday cards this year! Unleash your creativity at this card-making party and pick up some great collage/mixed media tips and techniques in the process. This class will enable you to work on multiple cards simultaneously, using mixed media, collage bits and recycled papers.

Supply List & Register

Watercolor/Watermedia Tuesdays, February 2022
Artistic Discovery:
Steal Like an Artist

Tuesdays, February 1 – 22, 2022
1 to 3 pm Central

Together we will look at some outstanding artists including the beloved Liz Hill. Our goal is for each painter to identify at least one artist you absolutely love.  Once done, we will guide you toward borrowing aspects of his/her work and make them your own. “Copying is about reverse-engineering.  It’s like a mechanic taking apart a car to see how it works. –Austin Kleon


Acrylics/Mixed Media Thursdays, February 2022
Artistic Discovery:
Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

thursdays, February 3 – 24, 2022
1 to 3 pm Central

We are all repositories of buried treasure and must have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are buried within us. –Elizabeth Gilbert. This month we will again examine our preferences to further develop our own unique path of mark making, design, color, textures, etc.  Join us as we move away from “pretty” paintings and explore a more introspective and sometimes edgy way to paint.

Tuesdays Supply List

Your favorite watercolors

A sketchbook journal is encouraged
We will experiment with fresh tube paints if you have them
Use the materials you have on hand
Email for specific ideas/suggestions

Thursdays Supply List

Your favorite watermedia
See Registration page for specific ideas

Watercolor/Watermedia Tuesdays, January 2022
Artistic Discovery:
Favorite Marks

4 Tuesdays, january 4 – 25, 2022
1 to 3 pm Central

This month we will experiment with a variety of brushes and mark-making tools to discover and establish favorites as we paint from provided reference photos. Our goal is to aim toward less “pretty” paintings to dare to put some edginess into our work. Let’s let some of the rough edges show, shall we?


Acrylics/Mixed Media Thursdays, January 2022
Risk & Courage: Dare to Be You
Steal Like an Artist

4 THURSDAYS, January 6 – 27, 2022

A non-objective and/or abstract multimedia class, investigating ways to develop your own unique artistic voice. Every time we paint we create something that never existed before. Our art comes from things that have fueled our imagination and inspired us, thus we are a part of a creative lineage. This month we will each examine our preferences to further develop our own unique path of mark making, design, color, textures, etc.  


Artistic Discovery:
Color Preferences

4 Tuesdays, October 26 to November 16, 2021
1 to 3 pm Central

Our goal is to experiment with limited palettes and discover some favorite color combinations as we paint from provided reference photos.

Exploring Abstracts in Acrylics and Mixed Media

Thursday Afternoons
October 28 thru November 18
1 to 3 Central

Could we possibly have more fun than this?! Non-objective and abstract, intuitive painting.  We will begin with a demo of how to prepare surfaces (i.e. gesso application), set up an acrylic palette and look at types of substrates (paper, canvas, board, even old paintings!)  Through progressive assignments, experience many ways of putting marks and paint onto surfaces with exercises to help the artist loosen up and play.
The object is:
1) discover styles, marks, colors that YOU love and
2) make note of those discoveries as you evolve your own style.

Paint with us

Upcoming virtual and in-person classes and workshops are listed below.  Join us!  Our focus is always to have FUN!

Artistic Discovery Series

Tuesday Afternoons, 1 to 3 Central

Sessions (4 weeks each)
Color: October 26 – November 16, 2021
Marks: November 30 – December 21
Steal Like an Artist: January 4 – 25, 2022

Tuesday classes will encourage you to investigate YOUR favorite colors, marks, designs.  Each week will explore a photo reference in several unique ways so that each artist can discover and refine your artistic vision.